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19 Sep 2012

Wearing a spectacle for correcting vision becomes inevitable in any person’s life at some stage or rather. Many children suffer from short sight and can be seen moving about wearing thick lenses fixed in oversized frames. Others more fortunate can grow up to middle age without any vision problem. But it becomes inevitable in the end. Contact lenses are preferred to by people who do not wish their eye problem to be known. To make the contact lens more user friendly, Dailies Aqua Comfort plus 90 contact lenses which are disposable have entered the market in a big way.

While kids do not mind wearing spectacles, teenagers and middle aged persons prefer not to be seen with any spectacle and they opt for contact lenses even though it is a costlier option. They never minded the inherent disadvantages using contact lens. First of all it needed great care to fix in the eye every morning without any possibility of any infection coming through the hands.

Removing the contact every night without fail and preserving them in special liquid can be tiresome. By introducing Dailies Aquacomfort plus this problem has been sorted out. The disposable contact lenses come in various packages and with different names also. The disposables are now called one day lenses as new lenses are used every day. By inserting a new lens every day the eye gets protection by way of reduction in sedimentation of proteins. The user finds it quite comfortable and there is no fear of ghost images etc.

Youngsters wearing contact lenses have to be told by their parents every day to remove the lenses and keep them hygienically in the preservative liquid got from the manufacturer. Though the removal is no problem the idea of preservative is a boring proposition for the youngster. Responsible parents feel the necessity of checking whether their teenage child has followed the instructions correctly. Youngsters are also happy to throw away any used material and get a new one and that applies to contact lenses also.

People can go for the Dailies Aquacomfort plus 30 packages so that there is no fear of eye infection coming through not preserving the contacts hygienically. With the new contact providing enough moisture content the user is quite comfortable. The lenses covered by the package are suitable even for people with allergy problems. The throw away lenses are welcome to professionals, sportspersons and other such people. With so many brands coming

out there is great choice also.


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